Researcher working on Operating Systems, High-Assurance Software, and Security. Ph.D. Student Computer Science, Yale University
M.S. Computer Science, University of South Florida
B.S. Computer Engineering, Kansas State University
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Richard Habeeb


My long-term research goal is to build reliable, fast, and secure software and systems. My current and past research has been focused on:

  • Certified Cyber-Physical Systems

    I currently work in the FLINT group with Dr. Zhong Shao. This group is developing a certified operating-system kernel called CertiKOS. We are looking to use this kernel to build reliable and secure embedded systems. I am currently involved in a long-term project of building a verifiably secure self-driving car, from the ground up.

  • A Secure Computing Platform for Distributed Building Automation Controllers

    I wrote my Master's thesis on using the formally-verified seL4 microkernel to build more secure Building Automation/Management Systems. During this time I worked with Dr. Xinming (Simon) Ou in the Argus Lab. We developed a framework to support security and fine-grained policy for information flow in a distributed building network that is secure based on the primitives provided by the seL4 system and by well-known cryptographic primitives.




Mercury Robotics Competition

K-State Robotics

I built a golf ball retrieving robot with Brandon Dunn, Daniel Marts, and Dave Hammons for OSU's 2015 Mercury Robotics Competition. This robot was remotely controlled over wifi and uses a single-board computer to handle all network traffic.

PEBBL, or Pi Embedded Bean Bag Launcher, is the name of our robot for the 2016 OSU Mercury Robotics Competition. PEBBL uses a catapult to launch a bean bag, and we control this remotely over the internet.

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IEEE MicroMouse Competition

K-State Robotics

At K-State I helped build maze-solving robots with the KSU Robotics Competition Team for the UCSD annual Micromouse competition. Our 2013 robot used an Arduino Due with IR LED distance sensors and stepper motors for actuation. Our autonomous robot in 2014 had a custom PCB made with an STM32F4 microcontroller on board. We made 3rd place with our 2013 robot and 5th place for our 2014 robot.

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Game Development


Game Engines Class, 2016

Sobriquet is a 3D game engine designed from scratch in C++ using Direct X. I played a leadership role in this team project, working on a number of features, including the terrain engine, camera controls, scene graph, and physics engine.
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Javascript Games

Selected Projects, 2015

These projects are javascript games I made for a game development class. I designed the game engines and art for each game.

Play Sand Bunny Engine

Play Robo Rescue Game

Play Ice Pong


Cerner Hack-A-Thon, 2013

Invasion is a game that Addison Shaw and I wrote for a Cerner intern Hack-A-Thon. We got first place after a week of intense coding! We wrote the engine ourselves, and I did the pixel art.

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Graphic Design